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Founded in 2014, FC Juventud New England boasts a top level, professional coaching staff, recognized and respected nation-wide. FC Juventud NE players come from the North Shore area.

History and Background 

Beginning as an Elite Adult Futsal program, The club was able to attract top players and compete in high level competition that opened the door to more and more inquires about what FC Juventud NE was doing at the youth level. Fast forward to 2020 and FC Juventud New England have become the premier destination for youth players in the North Shore area.


Our experienced and dedicated coaching staff instills a passion for the game in even our youngest players, to help foster long-term development and a lifelong love for the game. Off the field, we focus on teaching core values that impact the overall character of each individual player.


Our goal is to create the opportunity for all youth soccer players to receive exceptional training and development. This will ensure they achieve their greatest potential as a player, and use that talent as an avenue to higher education and life success.

our focus

Our Focus is on training the individual player at the early stages of the players career, once the player gets to a certain age, we like to start mixing in our individuals into a team setting which compete at the highest level in the USA and Abroad.

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